L’Intemporel - Orchid planters

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If you're like us and love orchids, you know how hard it is to find a good planter that will ensure your orchid lives a long happy life. Our goal when designing this planter was to make sure orchids would have enough room to breathe without soaking in water.

This planter is comprised of 2 parts: the insert (unglazed to let the roots breathe) resting on a base (glazed inside with a transparent glaze for watertightness). 


- Large: H 9" x W 4"

- XL: H 13" x W 5"

To water your orchid, place the insert under running water for a few minutes, making sure that water doesn't run on the leaves. Let it drain for a few seconds and put it back into the base. 

These planters are hand-thrown on a potter's wheel. Please note that sizes and finishing might differ slightly due to the handmade nature of our pieces.