L'Insolence - Hanging Ring Vase (Forest Green)

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Discover our wall hanging ring vases. Decorate them with fresh or dried flowers to create a unique piece that can change with the seasons. 

Leather cord included.

Approximate sizes : 9-10'' wide

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Note : All our pieces are hand thrown on a potters wheel. Please note that sizes and finishing might differ slightly. Due to the constant handling of different clay colors in our studio, some light traces of another color may appear in a piece, although very rarely.

Hand washing recommended.



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  • ★★★★★
    Benedicte and Jerome are so wonderful!! My husband and I took 2 classes. They were so much fun and inspiring that I took the 6 week class. It was so amazing!! Such detailed patient instruction. I was really pleased with the content and lessons. Also the weekly practice time gave me the opportunity to try (and fail) and improve. Highly recommended!! Really fun and inspiring!!
  • Mark Owens