L'Incensé - All-in-one Aroma Burner

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L’incensé is a heavy-bottomed bowl that was designed to burn incenses or any other aroma including Palo Santo, smudge bundles or Papier d'Armenie… A small hole allows to hold incense sticks while catching the ashes in the bowl. It can also be used on a wood stove to diffuse essential oils.

Made in white stoneware surrounded with a cloudy line of black stained clay. 

Approximate size : H 2.5’’ x W 5’’

Note : All our pieces are hand thrown on a potters wheel. Please note that sizes and finishing might differ slightly. Due to the constant handling of different clay colors in our studio, some light traces of another color may appear in a piece, although very rarely.

Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

Does not include any aroma material.