__INSIDIOUS LIAISONS NO. 17 // UNRAVELING by Kat Howard and Benedicte & Jerome Leclere

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White textured unglazed stoneware, jute thread. 

Insidious Liaisons is part of UNRAVELING, our first collaboration with Artist Kat Howard

UNRAVELING is a conversation about the conflict of attraction and repulsion through the lens of two contrasting mediums: fiber and clay. This collection of works is centered around a cruel tension that resides undetected at first look, manifested through thousands of interwoven linen threads that bind and pierce scarred ceramic bodies. Existing as bound forms, they emulate the feeling of bodies being overpowered and contained.

Ceramic sculptures by BENEDICTE and JEROME LECLERE of L'Impatience. 

Fiber art by KAT HOWARD.