Limited Edition Handmade Mug for FOOD52


Last fall, we participated for the second time to Food52's Mug Week where a selected number of potters are asked to design a limited edition mug that's handmade and sold on Food52's website.




We explored further our original study into clay, texture and colors and went the opposite way. We colored our clay body with a black stain and created a series of patterns that are unique to each mug. By scratching fine lines and then filling the gap with white clay, similarly to the Mishima technique, we have achieved an evocative pattern that lives humbly on the side of the mug.




The unpredictability nature of pottery was at the core of our exploration. As much as pottery challenges the limits of our patience every day, it also defies our ability to let go of the creative control, and encourages us to let each piece form itself under our hands, intentionally creating unreproducible patterns.