_Papier d'Arménie

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A staple in French homes, the Papier d’ Armenie is the oldest interior fragrance. This natural air deodorizer made from the dried sap of the Styrax Benzoin tree bonded to paper. Auguste Ponsot discovered the disinfecting properties of the Benzoin resin during a trip to Armenia in 1885. He decides to import its benefits and healing properties into France.The musky vanilla scent is subtle and warm.

Tear a strip from the booklet, fold it like accordion and place the paper on its side — making sure it is on a heat-resistant surface. Light it and blow gently so that the paper does not burn up (Papier d’Arménie should burn slowly). They can also be tucked as single sheets into drawers, cupboards and books to add a subtle and delicate scent.

Choice of 3 scents: 

- Tradition is the original scent, carrying sweet, vanilla and balsamic notes evocative of the Far East.

- Armenie is a reformulation of the original Papier by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian — an easing scent of benzoin, myrrh, sweet vanilla and balsam wood.

- Rose is a modern take on the incense paper also redesigned by Kurkdjian. With roses imported from Iran and Turkey, it builds a dual fragrance conveyed by a full-bodied rose, fruity as petal jam with a mellow touch.

Produced using traditional methods in the Paris suburb of Montrouge since 1885.

Each booklet includes 36 strips.



Do not let a slat burn without supervision. Keep the product out of the reach of children