_Set of 4 dip dye taper candles - Ljus

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Ljus is the Swedish word for candles and they are a must-have at any time of year. Whether for a birthday, as a gift idea, Easter, Christmas or for everyday use - candles are simply an integral part of our homes. 

Length: approx. 7.5'' Diameter: approx. 3/4''

Burning time: 6-7 hours

Colors: Light grey, cream and pink

The candles fit most candlesticks and chandeliers. Thanks to the crown foot, they go in relatively easily. Please be careful when you put in the candles so that they don't chip off. The candles are also 100% natural stearin. They burn with a quiet flame and are drip-free. Each candle is unique, hand-dipped. Color gradient and slight color variations may occur as a result.

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