Limited Edition Handmade Mugs for Food52

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For the second year, we participated to the Food52 mug event with 51 other ceramists to create a unique mug. 

We designed this mug to emphasize the unpredictable nature of pottery.  As much as pottery challenges the limits of our patience every day, it also defies our ability to let go of the creative control, and encourages us to let each piece form itself under our hands, intentionally creating unreproducible shapes. 


Approximate size :

H 4" x W 3.25" / Capacity : 12oz

Black mugs with white patterns, inspired by the perpetual fluctuations in nature that make each day a new journey.

Made in white stoneware that was colored in black, each mug was carved by hand, then filled with white clay in order to create a delicate pattern unique to each mug.

The mineral qualities of the clay are brightened up with a clear transparent glaze on the inside giving it a shiny feel, while the raw glaze on the outside reveals a soft matte finish.

Each mug is hand-thrown on a potter’s wheel.

Note : All our pieces are hand thrown on a potters wheel. Please note that sizes and finishing might differ slightly. Due to the constant handling of different clay colors in our studio, some light traces of another color may appear in a piece, although very rarely.

Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

Sold individually.


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