_Burning Ritual - Hand Rolled Lavender Flower Incense Stick

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Lavendula Angustifolia Relaxing & Purifying. Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) is known for its relaxing, cleansing and purifying properties, which have been used by nurses during World War II. As they knew lavender was an antiseptic, they burned the dried plant to purify the air and attract positive energy around them. These Premium Incense Sticks are hand rolled in Peru with lavender flower powder, sawdust of Palo Santo wood, vegetable gum and bamboo stick.

Scent: Herbaceous, Woody, Sweet, Balsamic

7 Lavender Flower Incense Sticks (8.0 x 0.15 x 0.15 inches & 0.06 ounce each)

45 min. burning time.

(Dimensions, weight and burning time are approximate, actual product may vary.)

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